Founded in 2008, we are a distinguished law firm specializing in legal and consulting services for foreign trade and customs. Our mission is to meet the specific needs of our clients, enabling them to conduct their commercial operations successfully and with compliance. With over 28 years of expertise in international treaties and agreements, origin certification, and customs, corporate, and international law, we are your trusted advisors in global trade.

We aim to provide timely, effective, high-quality services, helping our clients achieve their objectives efficiently. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver strategic solutions tailored to each client’s unique challenges.

We have a proven track record of supporting the Terminal Automotive Industry (OEMs), auto parts manufacturers, governments, and public institutions. Our team excels in implementing regulatory processes and ensuring adherence to international agreements and customs legislation.

Our firm has extensive experience in the regulatory aspects of the Terminal Automotive Industry (OEMs) and Auto Parts sectors. Over 40% of our client portfolio comprises companies within these industries, with an additional 37% representing the high-technology sector.

The most important services we provide to our clients include the activities briefly described below:


  • Guidance on compliance with customs legislation.
  • Advice on international legislation (sale of products, investment protection, intellectual property, and dispute resolution).
  • Training and support for the best application of International Trade Terms (INCOTERMS).
  • International treaties and agreements.
  • Interpretation of origin rules and advice for compliance with them.
  • Advice, validation, and support for the administration of origin certificates.
  • Conducting preventive audits on origin issues.
  • Support and training for suppliers for the correct issuance of supplier origin declarations and certificates of origin.
  • Obtaining advance rulings on origin.
  • Registration of products for export with the Ministry of Economy (Europe, South America, and Japan).


As part of this experience, we have developed an automated program for the control and management of trade agreements, which also allows the sending of supplier origin declarations, calculation of origin rules, and generation of certificates of origin for the various trade agreements signed by Mexico.


We possess extensive expertise litigation on matters related to foreign trade, tax, administrative, customs, and constitutional rights.

This experience includes challenging administrative resolutions through administrative remedies, tax complaints, and amparo lawsuits.

In the last 10 years, we have taken on the defense in more than 160 contentious matters before federal courts, achieving favorable resolutions for individuals in matters of significant importance, highlighting among them:

  • The first national judicial resolution that determined the feasibility of challenging tariff classification consultations.
  • The first national judicial resolution that determined the tariff classification of solar panels for their duty-free importation.
  • The first national judicial resolution that determined that the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) cannot restrict the circulation of goods in transit.
  • The first national judicial resolution that determined the prohibition of applying Mexican official standards or Mexican standards in determining tariff classification.



  • Incorporation of legal entities, including activities related to their
    incorporation, drafting articles of incorporation and by-laws, procedures before the Mexican tax and customs authorities (for the enrollment at the Federal Taxpayer Registry and the National Importers Registry), and at the Ministry of Economy (for the Foreign Investment Registry and to obtain maquila permits).
  • Corporate legal documents, meeting minutes, contracts and powers of attorney.
  • Real state due diligences.
  • Management of immigration permits for foreign executives.


  • Obtaining and generating permits, authorizations, and reports with government entities such as the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and the Ministry of Energy.
  • Administration of the import tax refund program (Drawback).
  • Consulting, support, and management of any activity related to the IMMEX and IMMEX Services programs. o Advice and management for obtaining the Certified Company registration (AEO & C-TPAT and Category B Authorized Economic Operator).
  • Support in managing the Fiscal Deposit for the Automotive Industry (OEMs).


Through our group of specialists in customs matters, we can provide a cost-effective solution to our clients to cover their operational needs. This includes:

  • Handling the IMMEX program (temporary imports) and reconstruction or managing program inventories (Annex 24).
  • Administration of the Customs portal (VUCEM) for obtaining permits, notifications, and reports; coordination and management of customs brokers.
  • Generation and advice for statistical reports for the Mexican government.
  • Advice for compliance with customs regulations for export.
  • Support and management in reconciling the information provided by SAT on the company’s operations.


In relation to foreign trade, customs, and other legal topics, we have built our experience by training governments (El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic), companies (BMW, Aptiv, Delphi, Visteon, Wal-Mart, Kenworth, Danfoss, Whirlpool, Hitachi, Chrysler, Navistar, Volvo, Mazda, Donaldson, Livingston, and DHL), Public Organizations (Ministry of Economy, SAT, PROMEXICO), business chambers (National Autoparts Industry, National Chamber of the Transformation Industry), professional organizations (Mexican Bar Association, Mexican Institute of Executives in Foreign Trade), customs agents (CAAREM University Institute), International Organizations (Central American Economic Integration Secretariat, Central American Customs and Tax School, International Chamber of Commerce), and universities (Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Studies – ITESM, Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico – ITAM, Panamerican University, Rosario University and Externado University).


Our experience includes government management of authorizations granted to companies that carry out foreign trade operations, including authorizations in:

  • Manufacturing, Maquiladora, and Export Services Industry Program.
  • Authorized Economic Operator. o Fiscal Deposit for the Automotive Industry.
  • VAT-IEPS Certification. o Dispatch Registration of Companies’ Goods.